Cabinas para Tratores e Mquinas Agrcolas - Agroleite - Cabines Agrcolas e Vidros para Tratores

Cabin for Tractor, Agricultural and Road Machine

Designed with the highest technology, Agroleite cabins are designed for John Deere, Valtra, Valmet, Massey Fergunson, New Holland, Ford, Agrale, Yanmar models and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) projects development.



More than 20,000 items in stock. Spare parts for all lines of Agroleite cabins, spare parts for original lines, special designs, parts for air conditioning, activated carbon filters and wide variety of items.

Ensuring agility and safety in your needs.



THE AGROLEITE develops glasses for tractors, agricultural and road machinery, funeral cars and special glasses.
We serve the replacement market for original cabin windows and accessories for doors and windows. For this, we have own tools: CNC cutting, screen printing, 2 curved ovens and 1 plan.
The product has green and smoky colors and colorless in the thicknesses: 4,5,6,8 and 10 mm.

THE AGROLEITE also offers glasses with:

  • Heating;
  • Non-clamping bending;
  • Customized screen printing with logo;
  • Polycarbonate models;
  • Accessories (rubber, door handle, lock, windshield wiper and others).


Lines of


Finame Agrícola

The Agroleite Cabin has never been so easy to buy and afford. You can finance up to 72 installments, with the lowest cost of the market, in any bank branch.

Look for your branch and inquire about the Finame Agrícola with your manager.

Our Finame code: 2532528


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and Technology

The history of AGROLEITE begins in 1987, in the city of Ibirá, in the countryside of São Paulo, when the Leite Brothers began their activities of locksmithing and
manufacture of hoods. Attentive to the evolution of the market they incorporated to their portfolio the manufacture of cabins and glasses.

AGROLEITE's infrastructure is modern and bold. Its factory layout was restructured according to the principles of Lean Manufacturing, it has machines for cutting, folding, welding, painting (PV and Electrostatics) and equipment for processes of tempera in glass and Vacuum Forming for Abs.

The verticalization and diversity of production processes allow capacity and autonomy in specific sectors to meet the demand from the farmer to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The service and logistic coverage cover all Brazil.


The investments, aimed at developing and training people, culminated in achievements such as ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, as well as expanding know-how in the manufacture of ROPS (roll-over protection structure) and FOPS (falling object protective structure) cabins.

THE AGROLEITE was born in the countryside and conquered the country, today it contributes to the development of one of the most important sectors of our economy: the agriculture.

Iso 9001

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